I was born in 1971 in the small capital Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. In 1993, 21 years old, I moved to Denmark to study at Niels Brock College of Copenhagen. Thereafter I was educated as a Clothing Designer at Margrete-Skolen in 1997. Today, I have settled down with my family in Hørsholm, north of Copenhagen.


My heart still belongs at home in the Faroe Islands, where I spend most of my holidays and find much inspiration for my works. Although I have worked a lot with the design of both dresses, children's clothes and utensils, it is the art that draws.


My knitted figures reflect my interpretation of the soul that lives in the rocks in the Faroe Islands, the Faroese people's steadfast, strong, unpolished raw and beautiful spirit. The same is reflected in many of my paintings, as well as inspiration from the Faroese folk tale about dark folks, goblins, fairies and other whimsical creatures, mixed with my own special imagination.




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